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File your federal and state taxes confidently, simply with license code 2023 and activate it. You need a turbotax account and purchase of a suitable product that matches your tax situation. This prepares tax returns as per tax laws laid by IRS. Follow the guide given based on highlights mentioned here-

  1. What is
  2. Get your license code here
  3. How to download turbotax?
  4. How to install turbotax software on my PC?
  5. How to enter the license code?

What is

The interface that simplifies complex taxes and help you completing returns in time is It is best tax return preparation platform, available in both cloud & software version to file taxes. It offers products based on different tax situations & needs of several taxpayers. You can choose the one that suits your requirement and with license code 2023.
To e-file taxes under guidance of team of experts, access audit support & use tax tools setup turbotax.

Get your license code here

Taxpayers get their license code after confirmation of their turbotax product order. The location of license code differ with the mode of purchase of turbotax product-

For TurboTax Download users, bought from

  • Retailer- Get it in email or your order history.
  • Website- Find it in order history or via email.
  • TurboTax Advantage- Find the code in email & in Downloads folder.

For TurboTax CD users, bought from

  • Retailer- Search code inside the box.
  • Printed on the packing slip .
  • TurboTax Advantage- Get it on envelope.

Now, with license code 2023 and start tax prepartion from scratch.

How to download turbotax?

Turbotax can be downloaded easily from its official website. Follow the instructions given to download turbotax-

  1. Go to turbotax website, select the “Access to Downloads”.
  2. Then, sign in with login credentials.
  3. Select any desirable turbotax product.
  4. Nextly, download the file.
  5. Save this file on particular location.
  6. This file help you with license code 2023 easily.

How to install turbotax software on my PC?

You can simply setup turbotax on Your PC by either of the ways-

Using the downloaded file

  1. As you download the file,
  2. Head on to the location, where your file is saved.
  3. Then, double-click the file to with license code 2023.
  4. This launches installer now.
  5. Turbotax has been installed.

Using turbotax CD

Put turbotax CD into computer drive. It may take a while to install software, if it doesn’t occur then go with the steps below-

  1. Insert CD into PC’s drive.
  2. Now, press Window+Run keys, this opens Run Window.
  3. Then, select ‘Browse’, & search your turbotax CD.
  4. Eventually, double-click setup.exe file, this begins installation.

How to enter the license code?

After you with license code 2023, activate it on your PC following the guidelines given-

  1. On the very first screen, appears after installing turbotax, a box prompts.
  2. Enter license code in the box.
  3. Select ‘Continue’, lastly.